Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Another poem, this time from author Mark Nepo
Lent is a good time for assessment – and this poem is a good one to help us on our journey of assessment


When I stop squirming, I realize
that lost is just an echo of where
I think I’m going or where
others thing I should be.

When I cut the cord to the future
and the rope to the past, I have
trouble remembering what
made me afraid.

With all the lines cut, I want
to spread before light like a young
tree and to do nothing.

Others are worried.  When
I get more coffee, they whisper,
“He’s lost his ambition.”  “He’s lost
his focus.”  “He’s getting old.”  But I
feel the coffee slip down my throat,
coaxing my voice to come alive.

                         -Mark Nepo

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